Having guild display/UI problems

Our guild name disappeared yesterday morning and as of now, is still gone over 24h later.

It also says I have 51 guild members instead of 50 and when I click on our guild button I get a blank page.This has also been deleted

Well, it is kinda cool having the largest Allegiance in JWA :sunglasses:

But a working guild tab would be great, lol.

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your alliance can cloak - i think thats pretty rad, honestly.


Hmm. Guess we are on our own till Monday? Not a shred of support so far :neutral_face:

Nevermind, please disregard this post. We are thinking about keeping the “blank” guild name. It’s kind of bad ass :sunglasses:

That definitely shouldn’t happen @GorillaGlue. If you haven’t already contacted our support team, could you reach out to our staff here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and that screenshot so they can take a look and see what the issue could be?

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Thanks Ned, already sent info in. Waiting to hear back now. Thanks again

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