Having problem logging in



It is always stuck here


Same problem with me, haven’t figured it out yet


Been trying to start the game this morning but it sticks on this screen I’ve restarted a dozen times with no luck

Loading error

I deleted and reinstalled. Now it works


Hey Sundar_Gugan_Santhan, I’m glad that you can get back into the game now! If anyone else is still having an issue getting into the game, try the troubleshooting steps on this thread and see if it helps:

If you’re still having an issue, our support team would be happy to help. Contact our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.



I managed to log in but now again it is stuck in the 16/22 logging in window


Did u lose your dinos?


Nope. All normal now


Make sure your game is linked to your Facebook or Google account before you uninstall. If you have a Guest account your game progress will be lost.


I got it back. Thank goodness it was linked.