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Having Trouble Getting a Nasutoceratops!

On the mission ‘Tinder’ and it’s asking me to have a Nasutoceratops at level 15 or higher. I have no idea how to get a creature. It can only be unlocked via a special event according to the creature market. I’ve levelled up a couple of times since (now level 28) hoping it would unlock somehow.

Totally stuck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

A screenshot would help with the explanation. I only have a level 9 and haven’t had this problem

Creature market? I think you’re talking bout JWTG. This is the JWA forum, although both games are under the same company. Maybe you can ask someone on the JWTG forum.

Hope this helps😊

Wrong forum mate, this is JWA.

First hints to anyone reading this should spot there is no mission called ‘Tinder’, there is no creature market, and player level maxes out at 20 not 28.

I created this topic on Jurassic World The Game forum and it just popped up on here. Thanks anyway.

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Hmm, that’s strange. Another random bug. Hmmm