Heading over to the UK to hunt some dinos

Coming from the tropics and city based hunting…
will be in Edinburgh and London, any tips?

Is it gonna be very different (besides the weather)? :grinning:

Much appreciated!

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You are going to LOVE hunting in Edinburgh. I used to live there. There are dinos everywhere. Prince’s Street and the Gardens are good, then up along George Street to St. Andrews Square (and all points in between) can be good, and the Royal Mile from the castle to the Palace, ending at Holyrood Park is pretty good too. Not sure what the zones have done since I left, but you should be able to find good stuff. It seemed to me that that area I described was at the junction of three zones, so a lot of variety (the zone with dimetrodon is just west of the city center near Haymarket Station and N/NW of there). Since I moved away, my DNA collecting has suffered quite a bit.

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Come to Leeds haha🤣 we can hunt together. lol kidding but yeah, UK is generally more walkable than many places so i can literally access zone1,2,3 and 4 all on foot.

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Thanks for the tips.

I work, stay and commute all in Area 3. This is the first thing I saw at Heathrow…


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well hopefully you get a few erlikos haha

Welcome to the UK - hope your hunt goes well!

I am still in Hearthrow and I realized that telco 3’s signal for 4G is weak! The GPS is wonky within the terminal. :sweat_smile:

Central london around picadilly was insane for me! Enjoy :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Also from Leeds :raising_hand_man:

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haha what are the odds! i go to Uni of. Originally from Singapore :slight_smile:


Ahh cool :slight_smile: I work in the John Lewis centre. Didnt think anyone else from Leeds played haha.

That’s where I am from. :wink:

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I work in the city centre! Wasnt sure anyone else from leeds played!

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haha we can hunt together one of these days🤣 i wasnt aware of anyone else either lol! what a coincidence

Sounds good! Too cold for me to hunt on foot these days :joy: lots of pogo but thats it.

Yeah! I will be in London end of the week for the xmas break tho, if not we could have got the 6 rexes together at least. Ah well no rush anyway i will be back after the hols😊. I never played PoGo haha!

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Next time! London is great for jwa. I enjoyed pogo until I realised the battleing system involvs who taps the quickest…

I am happy to announce the ‘birth’ of my 5th Unique and first in Scotland at 7am!