HEADS UP!: You can now buy tournament creatures with bucks

Hey y’all, so i’m playing rn and i was just surfing through my tournaments and accidentally clicked on “Search” then it came up, i could buy a Einosaurus for 20k bucks, at level 10 and without hatching. I didn’t do it but found it interesting, so then i checked Sinoceratops, same offer, Ophiacodon, same offer, Carbonemys, same offer etc. So yeah this is a thing now, i didn’t see it in the patch notes, (do note the only one that seems to not have this offer is Bumpy) so yeah, thought i’d point it out.


Yeah, you can but it’s not worth it.


Depends if your rich and have 20k to throw away ig lol or your very desperate for that creature. Interesting thing for ludia to add in.


Not new this “feature” has been there for a long time, the offers will only show if you have the DB on hand to meet the cost.


No its def not worth it. I can speak from experience buying a styx for 8500 dbs​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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What triggers me most about this is that even one of the newest creatures like deinosuchus, aramborigaina or carbonemys are able to buy. Wich makes me wonder why I tried so hard to unlock them, now everyone can get these creatures. But when I look at this closely this is completly not worth it. If you unlock creature with DNA you don’t lose that much, but if you want to max certain creature for just buying it with bucks from store I’d took 160,000 bucks from you. So its COMPLETLY not worth it.

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Yes and No. Yes for other creatures, but no for tournaments, i tested it on my guest account (which is fresh out of the tutorial) and i still had the option to buy the tournies and other creatures for the bucks. The tournaments for bucks is new.

Yeah it isn’t worth it, was just something i thought worth pointing out as it’s interesting.

April 2021 was the 1st time I noticed that tournament creatures were on sale.

The new thing is that now you can buy even the newest ones (except for bumpy)