"Heal Block" Idea

There are very vicious healers out there, tenontorex, others…
SO… what if creatures could block any heals, for a period of time
it would help a lot in some raids
and this ability could be cleansed
but not by heals though
There could be resistances for it too…
and swap-in heal-blocks and stuff
What do YOU think?

Do you support Heal-block Moves
  • No, I hate it
  • No, There could be some modifications to it
  • Yes: It’s an interesting idea
  • Yes, I love it! :smiley:
  • Meh, I don"t hate it… :expressionless:

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On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like the idea (1 being you hate it)
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
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If healers were more common in arena, this would be useful. But as of now, they aren’t too common, but when they are the creature’s viability depends on their heals (like Diloracheirus).


Honestly it shound be a fierce creature that’s heal blocking, due to healing being mostly resilient. But like @Mudkipz said, it’s not really gonna be used.


OK, but can some cunnings use it, just because of the same Ludia-logic that gives some fierce creatures cleanse?

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That logic is Error 404: Logic not found

Its Ludia-logic
Real-logic doesn’t apply anymore

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Technically there already is a heal block: distraction.

heals cleanse distract

But you said this one would be cleansable too…

yes but not by heals
by cleanse shattering strike or other cleanse
not heals though

Oh i see. Or you could just put the cleanse after the heal, then the distraction goes into effect during the heal.

@Ack why do you hate it?

Anti-heal is an interesting thought for sure, just would need to be implemented correctly. As more ideas get passed around, one will probably stand above the others.

I tend to agree with @Cheeseeater here. Cleanse is beneficial for all three classes, but heal block is specifically anti-resilient. That said, there IS precedent for it being a cunning ability, like how stun is an anti-fierce resilient ability. Cunnings could definitely use more variety.

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What if they changed heals so that they healed before they cleansed? I personally don’t think they should do that, but it would create some very interesting interactions with distraction.

Maybe an “on heal abilitie”?

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Maybe it could be incorporated in the the Fierce moves, ie Fierce strike, Fierce Rampage. Would that be too op?

Not really due to how little most creatures that heal are used