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Heal targeting in raids has been updated

It appears that “lowest HP” is now relative to max HP, as opposed to being the creature with the lowest current HP. @Ned could we get confirmation? This makes a big difference to a lot of strategies.

Hey Qaw, I believe there was a fix in the last update regarding healing abilities targeting creatures with full HP. Is this still happening?


No, I wasn’t aware it was fixed.

You mean it based only on max HP or current % of HP?

I thought it was %age, but it turns out that it’s the same as before, but full-health creatures are never targeted if there’s ones that aren’t at full health

It’s better than before, but not perfect

EH still targets damaged lower max health creature, even if higher max health creature missing more life.

Yeah, it avoids full-health creatures now, that’s the only difference

There appears to be a problem with healing in raids, an earlier battle, diloranosaurus tried to emergency heal indo g2 got the green halo & a zero , diloranosaurus had been distracted by the minion, but that shouldn’t make any difference, should it ?

Instant distraction on a non resistant Dino causes a 0 damage response, is that applied to heal also, or is this not supposed to happen, in otherwise a bug ?

Hey Splatter, I believe that ability is based on the attack value of Diloranosaurus. If Dilo was Distracted, it could have an effect on the healing value as well.

I’ll see if I can get more info from our team.

If possible, could you provide the steps to reproduce what happened during that battle?

Hey Qaw, would it be possible for you to submit a report under the “Bug Report” section, including the steps to reproduce the scenario? If you could include any screenshots as well, it’d really help us out.

Thank you!

I’m not reporting a bug :sweat_smile:
I simply didn’t know that heals avoid full-HP creatures now, so when we found that out in practice I was surprised. It’s definitely an improvement.

Unless that is a bug?

Greater Emergency Heal cleanses Distraction last time I checked

That was indeed one of the bugs listed under Bug Fixes for the last update :slight_smile: .

Apologies for the confusion :sweat_smile: I was referring to heals not targeting the “lowest HP” creature, for the Bug Report.


I would say if Dilorano was distracted and didn’t GEH ITSELF, then the distraction would stay and the heal would be for 0. GEH cleanses distraction for lowest HP Dino, if that wasn’t Dilorano, then it wouldn’t cleanse the distraction away, and your GEH would be the distracted value.

Hi Ned , I did start a new thread on the issue, hadn’t come across this before, the chance of it happening r probably rare ,normally in a raid the minion targets the highest hp which by chance happened to be diloranosaurus , who also by chance was slower & about to instant heal an indo g2,I get everything that’s been suggested , but it’s not an attacking move, i am also sure IMO that it was never intended to work that way otherwise we as players would have known.

I’ve definitely run into this scenario as well. Dilorano gets distracted but the GEH goes to a teammate, who gets cleansed but then healed for 0 health! :cry: Not saying it’s wrong, just unfortunate when it happens.