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Healer Dinosaurs

Hello. I enjoy doing raids as healer. Im currently using Ouranosaurus atm as im doing Sinoceratops raid. (Im still lvl 10, new player). But I wanna gather ideas which healers are great on the long run for raids so i can focus on leveling them.

Thanks in advance!

edmontoguanodon is the best healer against sino boss, dilorano is the best against mammo boss, bajatonodon is probably the best against nemys boss and for mortem it depends on which tactic u use…

Diloracheirus is the one I’m working on leveling up.

however work on diloracheirus and tuoramoloch for your future mortem raids


Overall I’d say Tuoramoloch is the best, by a decent margin. The amount of boosts and levels it saves you is mind-boggling. If it weren’t for Tuoramoloch, you’d definitely need at least 3 maxed or near-maxed creatures to beat Mortem.

The rest of the healers can be left at fusion level, apart from Diloracheirus, and Tenontorex if you count it.


Thank you so much for all the replies :wink: