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Healers in PVP Are zzzzzzzzzz

Just when I thought I had seen every sleep-inducing tactic…
out come the Tuaromolochs and Dilos that can regenerate 5000 health in one go.

If their strategy is to bore the opposition to death with constant healing, then job done.

Now, I understand that such creatures are super useful in Raids, but man the dual healing combo makes for outrageously dull and drawn out battles.
One of those healing moves really needs to get its cooldown increased by +1


Before asking for a nerf, first ask how to counteract them, it is exclusive to heal every so often, it’s like you take away the “precise pounce” or “pounce” from sprinters


There doable to beat, so you just need to be patient and wait for the right opening by manipulating when they use heals


Right cuz that won’t affect raids at all


No. That would ruin the raids function. They’re beatable anyway, just incredibly boring to beat. Not more boring to take down than SOME dinos though.


It can be a problem If they are very well boosted compared to your team, but otherwise they aren’t that hard to beat, there are many dinos that naturally beat them. And increasing a cooldown would completely ruin It on raids, the cooldowns must stay as they are. Now, If you want a truly dull matchup just get grypo vs grypo, it’s endless.


Or Grypo vs Dilorach

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I had a Grypo vs Dilorach today, his Dilo was slightly more boosted than my Grypo so he seemed to be winning in the long run, but for some reason he didn’t heal at a crucial time which messed up his flow and I managed a victory.

I like to think through bordom he just got sloppy.


No. It doesn’t. Like, at all. It’s fine the way it is, in fact.

If you can’t bring down Diloracheirus or Touramoloch, especially as they are now, that’s on you. But the likes of Magnapyritor, Erlidominus, Trykosaurus, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Queztorion, and countless others can quite easily bring them down. The only way they would ever lose against those two is if Dilo or Toura came in fresh while the opponent was already pretty weakened.

The rest of the time, they’re only good for whittling down the opponent’s health, and, possibly, win the round by merit of attrition, which is exactly why I run Diloracheirus.

Besides, Diloracheirus just destroys bleeders and is probably one of the best counters to Thylacotater.


Or Grypo vs. Touramoloch

Touromoloch can swap out. The worst is grypolyth vs grypolyth. Both can heal and also avoid doing direct damage for 2/3 or even 3/3 turns. I found out there are x amount of turns this way in the last tournament

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No, thanks.