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Healers make for painfully long battles

I played a very painfully long battle that I won 3-0 ONLY using my Diloracherius.

With 2 heals and 2 distracting moves, my opponent couldn’t just get me whittled down. Even swapping in Monostegotops just couldn’t do the trick.

As I play through my 136 level 20-21 creatures. I keep note in my head which ones shin. Dilo shined but not in the way I want; not with 5 to 10 minute long games. I kind of like the hack-n-slash, win or lose quickly and move on to the next one.

At least you’ve shown that healers can be viable in arena, even if they’re super annoying to fight against (or to use at all). I’m curious to see what other discoveries you make as you work your way through the rest of your team.