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Healing a Dino in raids gives 0

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Bug Description:
Diloranosaurus was instant distracted by the minion on the same turn as emergency healing an indo g2 gave a green halo for healing with a zero consequently we lost the indo
Area is was found in:
Mama raid
How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:

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It’s not a bug; Emergency Heal doesn’t cleanse distraction, and since healing is based off of your dino’s damage, trying to heal with 0 attack will give your partner nothing.


But if the emergency heal was for yourself it would, never seen it before now

In arena pvp if gripo is fully distracted he can still emergency heal ,so what you are saying is it’s only relevant in raids,something that has to my knowledge never been communicated

Emergency Heal DOES cleanse distraction, but on the dino that’s being healed. Since Indo2 is the dino being healed, it got cleansed and healed based off of Dilo’s damage, which is 0.


That makes sense, but I feel like they should make it so the emergency heals cleanse distraction for the user so that it can’t fail like this. It does present an interesting counterplay option though.

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