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Healing during raids not working as described

Per the 2.0 patch notes:

This is not happening. During the Lux raid, I use GEH heal on turn 2 and it heals the already full health Tryo (4200/4200 HP) instead of the 5118/5953 HP Max or the 6038/6873 HP Thor. According the notes, it shouldn’t be healing the full HP creature.

Steps to reproduce:

Follow this chart here:

Here’s a screen shot showing the bug:


Idk why this hasn’t been fixed yet. heal based of Percentage of Damage Lost! not the lowest number.


That or just ignore creatures that are full and find the next lowest number. Either one is better than healing a full dino!

Example: If the team has a 6000/9000 Maxima and a 3000/4000 Irritator (numbers completely made up), I’d hope the Irritator got priority over the Max. Most likely a boss’s next attack would take out the Irri but not the Max.


For now, targeting lowest hp means targeting the lowest raw number not the percentage.

Yes, but it shouldn’t be counting full health dinos when doing so (per the release notes). My example is just to spell out that there are a couple of ways (mine and Qiew’s) that it could be made to work.

Hello? Anybody?? @Ned

Wasn’t this supposed to have been fixed in 2.1?

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It’s ludia nothings ever fixed


It isn’t a bug. They just changed their minds about it. I guess that’s their way of saying they don’t want to fix it lol. But yeah, one of the mods confirmed that this isn’t a bug.

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Hey Somedinoguy, thanks for the report! Our team is aware of this issue and they’re working on a fix.

We’re hoping this will get addressed in the next major update! :sweat:


Well if it’s not a bug, that’s too bad. Sometimes the behavior heals dinos at full health if their base HP is lower then another dino after it has already taken damage. It may not be bugged, but it sure feels bugged to use.

Wait, what? Percentage-Based Healing Priority

well this is awkward.

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The information was forwarded. At the moment, our team is working on addressing the healing abilities in raids. :slight_smile:


Thx @Ned! I realize different people have different preferences on which dino should get the HP, I think we can all agree that it shouldn’t be one that’s already full.