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Healing question - How do you heal more than the damage done?

OK…not a complaint…a question. :slight_smile:

I tried to screen shot but no luck- I did 800 damage - he was healed for 1100. I did 400 damage - she was healed for 900!

Battle ended with no damage to the opp! Does this mean they are just healing to full or are they actually gaining hp? (I assume latter…I hope)

Paladin can Restore hit points at start of turn. Cleric can give Regenerate so all allies heal at start of their turn. Cleric also has ring that lets him heal when hit sometimes more than the damage done.

I haven’t looked at this closely but my observations suggest the figure shown is the total amount of healing generated. Although this total may exceed the target’s current damage, the target can only be healed to its maximum hit points. The excess healing is wasted.

This is similar to figures shown for damage. If the damage generated exceeds the targets remaining hit points, the target is killed and the excess damage is wasted.


I was going to say the same thing as orloch in regards to it being similar to damage. I think once you need healing at all it just shows the max it could have hit for

Thanks guys
May be fun to build to full healing squad.
I get more and more games where I do virtually no damage.