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Healing question

Can anyone tell me why Halbenet’s Lunar Crown heal ability sometimes fails to heal everyone in the group? I can’t find documentation in it and it’s quite frustrating.


It heal hero on the same row? So if someone isn’t on the row you choose he not being healed

krom is correct, it is only suppose to heal allies in the same row. This is at the level I am at now, it is possible it could change as you get higher.

Halbenet’s Legendary “Crown of Corellon” heals all allies, regardless of the row - their Rare “Lunar Crown” seems to be limited to the targeted row.

Thanks. I misread two zones as meaning two rows, although I am pretty sure he has failed to heal himself on at least one occasion.

Well the two zones part is talking about how far away the target can be, and then once you target someone it will heal everyone in that zone. If you target someone who is not in the same zone as your cleric, your cleric shouldn’t be healed