Healing/Support Dragons

heya! just wanted to open up a casual topic to discuss: healing/support dragons!

Have quite an offensive team:
Dreadfall Toothless
Pufferfinch/Boltbeak (after i get my dupe for 4*)
Toothless/Mythic Mq (based on situation)
Chestnut Knight/Skullcrusher

Was looking for a real dedicated healer… currently relying on bonus health from Beachcomber/revival health from Chestnut. stuck mostly with Chestnut now though because it’s taking forever for me to get my Skullcrusher dupe and also Chestnuts ability combo of increased attack and breaking defense is sooo underrated (Dreadfall Toothless special increases from 800 to 1500+)
combed through the book of dragons but couldn’t find anyone’s as straightforward as Skullcrusher’s (instant healing) mostly just regenerations/bonus health.

any suggestions on healers/help in survivability? best if it could be a yellow dragon too cos beachcomber’s attack isn’t really that high too. thanks for reading!

If you want a yellow instant healer, your best bet is Valient Scarbarer, yes it only heals weakest but the amount a max is pretty good.

yeah was thinking about him too! tbh he’s quite viable with fairly high attack and health stats and moderate spirit speed too. hopefully Ludia adds other dragons (or at least an Event Dragon) with more healing capabilities than offensive ones.

just a fun suggestion maybe even the idea of adding classes to dragons too (damage, support, tank etc.) it may also be a better way to think abt the abilities to add to each one.

I presently use stormfly and fireshrike, and in alpha battles I would take thanksgiving meatlug instead of stormfly, and that’s about just enough. The only one with healing as straightforward as skullcrusher is flank-tanker, a 3*, and its poor statistics means it’s not an option.