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Heals should also be able to crit

I’ve been playing some other games as of late, and one thing that’s kinda nice about them is that the healing moves can crit. Same rate as every other move, it would just heal for 125% the normal value.


Makes sense. And it gives hadrosaurs and other dedicated healers more of a reason to be able to crit at all.

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No, thats not a good idea for this game.
Its bad enough when a Tenoto with 2500+ attack can heal over half its health in one go. It has high crit chance, so it doesn’t need to heal all its health back all at once.

I have Para on my team with 1800 attack and even that is annoying to opponents I face when it heals.

I’m already annoyed with PvP as it is and barely battle anymore. This doesn’t need to be added.

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Really? I see this as a small change, and it would barely affect pvp. Most hadrosaurs have only 5% crit, and aren’t even really used in pvp to begin with. The exception to both of these is Tenontorex, but even then I haven’t had much use for it’s heal, since if your opponent outspeeds you they can just attack you twice in a row and probably kill you. The best use I ever got out of it was predicting a turn 1 lethal wound so I could cleanse the DoT. But other than that it’s just a small chance to heal a little more - that’s hardly game breaking, especially compared to some of the other issues affecting arena right now. And if for some reason it did make healers too strong, they could just slightly nerf their damage across the board.


Anything with emergency heal already heals pretty much all its health back. Thats Dilora and Tuora right there. Both can be a pain in the rear to battle if boosted and used correctly.

You can already use heal turn one so there is no point in adding a crit chance to it.

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I see your point, but I think TenRex is probably too strong and is the outlier in this case. The fact that a fully boosted rampage can do 8K damage (@30) is insane…

That being said, I think that since all other healers have been reduced to strikes and (rarely) impacts, outside of the raid arena they are a shell of what they once were.

Stats would have to be reevaluated for sure, but it would give a bump to a group of dinos that could use a little love.

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They all got a damage buff to make up for getting these healing moves.

Do you know how annoying it is battling a Dilora with 6k+ health 2k+ damage that can literally heal you to death? Its bloody annoying.
I’ve run into Tuoras that were just as annoying too.

Thats fair. I do think that most heals would be fine, but there are a few that are quite strong. The extra 5% chance for a stronger heal wouldn’t come into play a lot, but by the same logic NOT having it also doesn’t make much of a difference. I just like encouraging new ideas to push the game forward. I guess I can summarize my thoughts by saying that I like the idea in theory, but knowing specific cases and how heals work in general in this game, it probably isn’t necessary.

I think if I was designing the game from the ground up, I would make heals be able to crit. But given the game as it is now, it might require more changes than it’s worth in order to balance it for those few cases where it isn’t.

Yeah, I was about to say the same as Mudkipz, I guess I don’t run into any healers outside from TenRex where I’m at so I don’t really know how those battles go 1v1. I’d been doing a bunch of raids and just thought it’d be a nice add.

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