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Heals should be able to crit

Okay don’t let them crit in PVP if that somehow upsets the balance, but saving a boss battle that would otherwise have been lost with a heal crit would be EPIC.


I would approve crit in PVP.


No, heals capable of crits would ruin lots of strats or cause more outrage over the RNG that allowed a heal Crit to and saving the battle

i’m on the fence about it. theres pros and cons about the same aspects of heal crits. relying on it to win becomes a big concern. as well as potentially messing up some raid strats if theres too much healing.

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No. Crits are only for damage output only. It should not be calculated into other factors such as heal, dodge, cloak and so fourth.

i think crits aren’t good cuz next thing you know a tenato is healing like from 1860 to 4,331 and others like tuora could heal like 7,000. thats just broekn

Crit heals does not ruin any existing strat.

They could skew targeting, even outside of the mainline ones, and it’s just something that is totally unnecessary