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Health Bar Colors

Sometimes one of my characters gets an orange health bar. Seems to have a connection with reviving, but it’s inconsistent. Can’t tell for sure. Bug or feature?

I occasionally have a glowing white bar… the entire bar glows, not just the health section.

No clue.

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Heh, me too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for reporting this, @Kohliss. Does the health bar stay orange for the duration of the dungeon or just for a brief moment, also, when does it change back to the usual green colour?

@Ned This has happened to me twice now. Both times occurred after my character was revived via a Death Ward from Halbenet. Once revived, the health bar displayed as orange and remained that way for the duration of that game. I believe the same was true for the white health bar instance as well.

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The white one, when it last showed, was tied to stealth activating.

Thanks for the additional info, Kohliss! It has been shared with our team.