Health of each raptor


Do anyone know the health of each raptor in the road to victory? Does it take 2 turns for you to kill one of them?


charlie 1905
delta 2285
echo 2490
its really difficult


Don’t know all of them the Raptor I went up against was a 2400 and something killed everything I got in one hit I think there’s something wrong there cuz I had a trike a T-Rex Anki and a rajor


Jesus, that means that can strike twice with their 2x damage


Those events think I’ll be done probably not now it’s someone that’s got your basic dinosaurs you’ll have to pay to win that one


I didn’t even know one of them had a nullifying effect :sweat_smile:


I believe one has critical chance increase, one has nullifying, and one with cleanse?


Oh my post got hidden again? Fancy that.


All together they’d be pretty decent (Suchotator has all of their bonus attacks combined, minus the speed) but individually they’re all 2 hit knockouts :-1:t4:


Yes, yes and no, the third one, Delta, has Impact and run. Since the update that is.