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In the game, I think there are ridiculous health stats for some creatures.

The first one I have a problem with is Irritator. For a skinny, 25 foot dinosaur just over a ton, Irritator’s health is way too high. Currently, it is 4800. On the other hand, Irritator G2’s health is only 3450! They’re practically the same creature, why does one have such an absurd amount of health more than the other? Also, Baryonyx G2, which is a lot like Irritator, has a pretty similar number (4650.)

Some other creatures with too much health are dimetrodon G2 (4740) and Arambourgiana, which has the same as dimetrodon G2. I also think Koolasuchus G1 and 2 both have way to much for an 8 foot amphibian (4500 for both.)

There are also some creatures I think have too little health. One is Argentinosaurus. It definitely doesn’t have low health, I just think it should probably have the highest in the game knowing it is the largest thing to ever walk the earth in terms of size (the blue whale is heavier.) Another one I think should have higher health is gigaspikasaur (4650). It is a sauropod, has GIGA in its name, and has 40% armor. Currently, it has less health than irritator, baryonyx G2, arambourgiana, and dimetrodon G2. Why? I also think Trykosaurus (4500) should have more heath, maybe 4800 or so.

There are some other health stats I think should be changed, but these are the most broken in my opinion. This post is starting to get long, so I am going to end it now. What do you think?

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That was a weird one to read. Couldn’t you have just typed it out on the forum instead of using that? Unless there was something preventing you from doing that


The lesser the rarity the health limit is lowered. Alos irritator G2 has low Hp so the swap in attack doesn’t add up.

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That was my first post, so I didn’t really know where I should do it

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What is this sorcery?
I planned on reading, but I’ve no time for your scrolls!!


First of all, you don’t know the specifics on the JW clones’ sizes, they’re definitely not the same as the real life dinosaurs.

Secondly, the main point of stats isn’t to convey information about the creature of interest, it’s to provide it with a cohesive kit that makes sense overall, allowing it to do reasonably well in its specific in-game niche.

For example, Irritator and Irritator G2 have completely different roles. Irritator G2 is a fast, swap-in damage sniper that can deal a reasonable amount of damage 1v1 with Ferocious Strike.
Irritator on the other hand, is all about 1v1, and due to its low attack, the only way for it to deal any meaningful damage is to sacrifice a turn and use the non-damaging move Ready to Crush. This means it’ll be taking more hits before it can set itself up to deal damage, and it needs high health to do that.
Baryonyx G2 has a very similar role.

Then there’s the matter of armour. You see, a creature with armour has a much higher “effective health” than a creature with the same HP stat but no armour. This means that, against the right creatures (ones that can’t pierce armour) armoured creatures essentially have extra health. This allows them to tank hits like crazy against the creatures they’re meant to counter, but not against the creatures meant to counter them.

Take Gigaspikasaur as an example. It has 40% armour, with a relatively low (for a sauropod) 4650 HP. If you add that 40%, that gives it an effective health of 6510. Very respectable indeed.


JWA isn’t about real life. If it was, sauropods and biggest theropods would be the only viable ones.

I agree only on Gigaspika, he should have higher health indeed. Same with Nodopato and Noodle.

I guess I didn’t really think that through, for Irritator.

It’s numbers with a name attached is the way to look at it. Otherwise it would be far from realistic.

That’s an interesting way of putting it. I never thought of it like that

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I did something like this were i changed every creatures health to reflect their size in RL and one thing i did is i gave irritator g1 ferocious strike so it doesnt waste a turn. It had the same move set as gorgosaurus but irritator g1 was a faster and less bulkier version of gorgo.

I come from a hobby gaming background including collectable card games. In those you focus on what the card does not what it represents by name and art. Games like JWA are no different really. :smiley:

Well there are creatures with a lot of attack. For example a max boosted in attack indom or indom g2 will do almost 18,000 on a crit. It literally leaves the highest amount of health you can have in the game with only 20 health left, but that is only if it has a shield. This is why I don’t understand some people have indo g2 instead of irex g2.

It’s pretty easy to get around that though. There’s Evasion, Shields and Nullification.

so 6,000. ten chracters

Phew, I thought my college health advisor was on here.

But in all seriousness, I think some creatures need health buffs