Healthiest Meta yet?


Hey guys, I just wanted to everyone’s hear opinions on this but I think that the current meta is the most balanced we’ve seen so far. I find myself facing a variety of dinosaurs in arena (rather than being dominated by one class like tanks or raptors) and the introduction of SIA mechanics also adds some extra variety(e.g.dinosaurs like Sarcorixis being used). Of course, some dinosaurs still need tweaking, but overall this meta seems like a step in the right direction.


SIA mechanics? What’s that?


swap in ability


Thank you. Never good with abbreviations. :slight_smile:


In lower arena, maybe. In high arena, still pretty much the same unless sino-hybrids are back.


The current meta is the same as the last one. That is, same dinosaurs, same nonexistent progression and staleness


At least raptors are making a return now.


Lol nothing changed at top end!?


Stegodeus will be and always be meta


I think we are seeing more variaty in dunos now, because everyone is still experimenting testing which dinos fits best for the new update (remember we are still very early after the new update). Give it 2-4 weeks…and you will see that the meta will be much more established for this update and everyone will be using the same dinos again, especially during the next tournament when the best players will be using the best meta dinos and everyone will just be copying them :slight_smile:. It a normal and standard procedure.