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Hear me out(end game meta)

So to start off with this is about the end game meta it is basically taken over by pure resilients or fierce resilients. This causes a lack of diversity and a few fan favorites to not be useful once you pass certain arenas notably Indoraptor and others outside of a few cunning creatures the cunning class is way behind the other classes the way to fix this is either make more pure fierce like Thor and Mortem to land in the higher arenas or to give the cunning class an overall boost.

If you think that creating more end game fierce creatures would be the way to go I would like to see those concepts.

If you think buffing the cunning class overall would be the answer I would like to hear that. The first idea I had would be to increase the speed of pure cunning’s by 10 this may or may not help but it’s just an idea.


One of the things I have thought of to help fix the end game meta is for Ludia to hold a vote for fan made dinosaurs to actually make it into the game every month or so they have 5 candidates to be voted on to make the game and the first one or two should be between fierce creatures


I think Cunnings need a buff, Resilients might need a bit of a nerf, and Fierce creatures need a buff too, probably the most. This isn’t just an endgame thing, it’s the same with the non-hybrids and some low-rarity hybrid tournaments.


If there was more variety with fierce creatures then there would be more use for the cunning’s adding more options would be better than totally rebalancing the game

The game does need a rebalancing though. Even in the rarities with lots of fierce creatures they as well as the Cunnings that counter them just don’t get used because they get beaten by the resilients. It’s a similar story with all the rarities.


A rebalance could be great but we have had only a few in the entire life of the game Rex and I Rex are still solid in lower arenas but at the top the only pure fierce options are Thor and Mortem and resilient has Magnus Hyrdo Lux Mammolania Gemini Dio just to name a few.
But who knows maybe the whole game is broken but it would be worth a try to bring a few more pure fierce creatures in

Odds are, we are gonna get a rebalance update for 3.0, the .0 updates are always the biggest. Like how 2.0 remade the entire game.

Even Rex loses to some Resilients, but I’d say Indominus is an exception, since it’s technically Cunning Fierce, and it destroys a lot of Cunnings and practically all other fierce creatures as well as any slower resilients in the lower and even some higher arenas. There’s people regularly using nitro Indominus even up into shores.
On even grounds Indominus does lose to a few resilients though, like Mammotherium.

They said balancing will happen every other update.

If they waited until every major update version we’d hardly ever see rebalancing updates because 3.0 is probably way off.


Indom is an exception mainly because it’s speed immunity…

It’s really the same issue since 2.0 was introduced… with the current stats as is in game. Resilient is simply to strong with speed control.

Most of the fierce getting used either have speed immunity like the cunning fierce Indom, magna, monole or are Thor who has an instant stun to get control back. Mortem as well.

It’s like dejavu from Stegodeus meta, with almighty Superiority strike. Only difference is that there are more resilients, then was only Stegodeus.

One big rebalance is needed, not only move fixes, but also stats reworks. Endgame is already boring. Mostly 10 same creatures all the time, with few exceptions. Again, can predict next creature appearing, seeing the starting one.

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yeah, but has that really happened?

They said it a couple of updates ago, so there’s not been enough time/updates for them to implement it. If you think rebalancing will come with 3.0 then you must be thinking 3.0 is soon, and I doubt it is considering 2.0 wasn’t long ago.

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i mean its not too far, june is only a few months away. also by rebalancing, i was meaning something like the 2.0 update. i should’ve been more careful with my wording.

Is 3.0 coming in June then?

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Just remember, always say, EXCEPT THOR


Probably. @koffibun said he has an idea for rebalancing, but hasn’t made his topic yet

yea i think so.

What makes you think that? It took 2 years for 2.0 to come out. I don’t think there’s been any indication from anyone that 3.0 is due in June/July.

well, judging by how theres an update every month, and this month is 2.8, it makes sense that 3.0 would be in june.

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