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Heartcoil Deeps: Auto Ability Dispel?

One thing I noticed during the final level of Heartcoil Deeps is that my taunt and healing are always auto dispelled. This happens even after the first round of casting and isnt with the final boss, who’s name starts with Q. It happens in the rooms preceding his.

I bring this up as fact now as it happened in the challenge. In the first second and third rooms.

Is there a note I missed about a specific toon or the entire dungeon that auto dispels abilities? Anyone else experience this if it is unusual?

Thank you

If I understand what you are asking, you want to know what monsters might be dispelling. If you touch and hold onto monster it will show you their abilities

I believe the melee dark elves have a “steal buffs from you” ability.

They keep stealing my regen / damage buffs when they melee strike me.
They steal it from who gets hit so it’s not taken off the entire party though.

Also, if the game crashes, once you load back you will not see the small icon stating you have taunt ON or a regen, or a fury, but if you hold your thumb on the character, you can see your list of buffs.

I hope those 2 scenarios, that i have experienced help you figure it out.


Thank you both. I’ll double check when I run into the elves next. Appreciate the responses.


Here is a picture of a “boss dark elf” who has the ability to steal your buffs.


Those are wights not drow.

Alright it just happened and there were no Wights, Drow, King Elves.

I was in a room with just Gnolls. I cast cleric regen, fighter counter, the abilities went off, toons were getting healed. On their next turns, suddenly regen was off as was counter. I killed all the Gnolls, and just got into the first boss challenge in Heartcoil Deeps.

So this isn’t what you all think. Its weird. I thought maybe the level had some sort of dispel ability but returns the ability to you with full cooldown reset. It’s only ever happened at Heartcoil Deep. In explore, only during final three rooms. In challenge, happens randomly in the first 3-4 rooms, can’t get further.

Gnoll can prevent healing

Its not the Gnolls, I know what the Gnolls do and they don’t refund your ability. You keep it, but its greatly hindered.