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Heavy armor event problem

It was my indominus vs ankylocodon (we both were 2/3 kills) . Then i changed to my Indoraptor , he used group shield. Then i used cunning strike , he used fierce impact. Then i used cunning strike again , he used resillient strike , got the speed priority. We were both ~1800 health and he had %0 critcal chance . And guess what? He used decelariting impact and HIT CRITICAL. If he didnt hit critical, i would have win the match with ~150 health. If you dont believe me, do the math . I gave you the exact moves between us. It was my second try, beacuse of that i demand the event scent or the 200 cash back.

Isn’t the effect cleansed when It uses resilient strike?

Only distraction is, not the crit chance decrease

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Only distraction

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Then I don’t know what happened. Ankyloc doesn’t have the crit reduction resistance either :man_shrugging:

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And even if it did, because of how crit reduction is calculated, it would STILL have a 0% crit chance after cunning strike.

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I didn’t know that

Yeah I’ve posted about it before. Basically it takes the crit reduction (100% for cunning strike) and subtracts the resistance to find the new reduction. So if you had 30% resistance, your crit would be reduced by 70%. Except this doesn’t mean it goes down by 70% of your total- it means that it subtracts 70 from your crit chance to find your new crit chance. So if your crit chance was 40%, your new crit chancd would be 40 - 70 = -30%, which they just say is 0%. Since the highest crit resistance below full inmunity is 50%, this means that those creatures have 50 subtracted from their crit chance. As you know, the maximum crit chance is only 40, so even their crit chance is lowered to 0. Now you can get a crit chance above 50% with moves like ready to crush, but cunning strike also removes these increases, so only the base crit chance matters. Essentially, the way they calculate crit chance reduction right now, any resistance besides 100% is useless.

Basically it shouldnt have hit critical then?

No, it should not have. I’m not sure what happened to you.

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Then the game owes me the scent? I lost to a crit. If it didnt hit critical, i would have win by ~150 health as i told

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Yeah, it should not have hit critical based on what you described. So either you remembered the sequence of moves incorrectly, or there was a glitch. Knowing Ludia, I would bet on the later.

That was what happened . I told correctly

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He could hit critical because his attack was performed after your cunning strike. Hence the next turn the critical reduction had gone. The problem is that the stats when you tap the creature don’t update until the turn starts (by when you would have already selected your move). So technically it’s still the games fault

Then i deserve the scent. How do i report this to them

I’m not sure. I’m relatively new here

The critical dynamic text doesn’t update, so he would have the crit chance because the reduction was used in resilient strike

Unless i’m reading it wrong then what happened was correct.

Turn A) - You changed to Indo - Anky group shield
Turn B) - You cunning strike (crit reduced to 0) - Anky fierce impact
Turn C) - You cunning strike (crit reduced to 0) - Anky resilient strike
Turn D) Anky goes first but no longer under cunning strike effect as it lasts 1 turn only, i.e. Turn C.

Ok yeah this makes sense to me. It did function correctly. I’m sorry my friend, that’s just bad luck.