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Helicoprion and Megalodon unlock

I realized something funny the other day with the two aquatic unlock packs. So my friend who plays is only lvl 45 and will be unlocking the helicoprion, and in the pack they will win a guaranteed 250 Dino bucks and 950 DNA. However, at lvl 96 I’m forced to get the Megalodon pack. Which has a guaranteed 500 DNA, and then a chance for either another 500 DNA or 100 Dino Bucks. So you could either win 1000 DNA and 0 Bucks, or 500 DNA and 100 Bucks, versus if you win the helicoprion you will always win 950 DNA and 250 Bucks. Just seems funny that the higher level you get, the less rewards the game gives you through battling.


Also the fact that megalodon costs a whopping 1k DB if you were to quick hatch it… :face_vomiting:

And my helicoprion is locked. Yet it’s not available to me. :weary:

Helicoprion was last available for high-level players the week of March 1, 2021. It will probably cycle back around at some point.

For reference, this week’s Aquatic unlock (Megalodon/Helicoprion) last cycled through the week of 1/18/2021.

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