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Hello Again! JW:TG

Hi,I used to formerly play Jurassic World The Game,and then totally shifted to JW Alive,but I think I would like to come back and play both. I shifted cause I ran JW the game won my PC,on bluestacksand my PC is no more thanks to my cousin, but I had signed into the game and it is unable to load my progress so I want to start freshly I was formerly at level 44 when I left and my best was rajastega from the boosted battle prizes and Velociraptor level 40. If I could have any advice to have the best start I would love it. Thank you in advance.

Congratulations, it is a wise decision to come back to the game.
There are hundreds of very useful posts in this forum that can help you to find a suitable strategy for you.

@Mary_Jo summarized a lot of them just recently in a post. If you browse the topics their you will find tons of tips.


I always kept reading posts of you guys and sionsith,etc… on the forums , when I joined I was already pretty much a JW alive guy, I am actually happy coming back . Thank You for the Link,I will surely go through it.


I had lots of creatures to hatch from events,so I would not end up spending too much DNA,so this helped me stack up DNA. My best bet was to stack up VIP Points till I can get a Solid Gold Pack.

You sound like my future

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Well,I did not get that? By the way, remember? We met on my thread? Regarding which creature is more worth my Sinoceratops DNA,you said you were in the same doubt.