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Hello alliance

Hey, I’m looking to Join a new Allaince I’m level 20 with 5200 trophy count. I’m looking to join a high level alliance which consistently hits rank 9 or ten on weekly rewards. And have level 20 sancts. I give out a lot of DNA and ask in return to be generous in giving back when possible. I dont have discord. My previous allaince used Facebook messenger

Hi, you can try putting in a request to join IslaNublarTimeshareCo. We have Level 20 sanctuaries.

How high do you guys reach on you weekly rewards? And do you have high or low level players?

Hi Ajnabi85, alliance leader for IslaNublar here.
We currently get 9/8 rewards, striving for 10/9 with just a few more members. we have level 20 sancs through a co-op and structured sanc rules for anything outside of the 20s. our player base is a true mix from 100- 5000+ trophies. Although our two lowest members are new/dupe accounts for experienced players. We have both discord and fb messenger as options for players. We do not require tourney participation but still get moderate rewards from those as well.
let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi, Ajnabi85

I sent your a Private Message. Let me know if you are interested

Thank you