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Hello everyone, Nice to meet you

Hi everyone
Pleased to meet you! First, let me introduce myself. I am Amabel.
I just joined this forum. I am very happy to get to know everyone. The forum has lots of useful news. I will read it every day. Well, I’m a dedicated worker and a person people. i also like to be in contact with the public.
It was a pleasure meeting you, I appreciate your time listening to my introduction.
Thanks you very much!!!


Hello Amabel, sit down in the middle of the circle, please. Forum, say “Hi” to Amabel, please.

ok men, nice to meet you too

Welcome to our little community, where the skies are blue, the grass is green, the sun reflects glitter in the ponds where fish jump out of the water and BAM. T-REX rampage!! Blood everywhere!


You and I remember The Lorax very differently


Hello there and welcome!

Hi there and welcome to the forum :fire:

I don’t remember it at all since I have not watched or read it :slight_smile:


(Ten Characters)

Hello :wave: nice to meat you!

Hi Amabel! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome Amabel!!! Now that’s out of the way. Are you pro or anti RAT? :smiley:


Welcome to our forums!

Nice knowing people are joining the forum. Please do ignore our giant laboratory of creature mutations.


A belated welcome to the forum! Have fun and post often!