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Hello How to outspeed a same dinosaur of the same level?

I know the first one to attack is the first one to choose action. But here’s the thing. I was fighting a level 16 velociraptor and she killed my stegoceratops. I had a level 16 velociraptor myself so I had the advantage of knowing I needed to hurry in choosing attack. I kept the finger right on top of where Pounce appears and I kept touching it fast but the opponent outspeeded me and killed my raptor. I still won but that was annoying. And this isn’t the first time this happens. Opponents tend to be faster than me even when I’m just pushing the attack before it even appears.

I’m playing on an iPhone SE, admittedly not the best phone on the market as it is a tiny bit old, but it should be more than enough to handle the game. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, if I should try it differently, or if my phone is just not good enough and I will never be faster :confused:

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You don’t have a problem its speed ties… The result is the other player was closer to Ludias server. Therefore the signal reaches it first.


Another possible reason is boosts.