Hello Jurassic Ruins!

Woo Hoo!!! I’m probably going to get death punched back to Sorna, but I made it! :grin::grin:


Don’t feel bad if that happens, That’s how it always goes with every new level :grin:

Welcome and bye! I lol took me forever to stop hopping back and forth… Still not sure I’ll stay…

I’ve already mentally prepared myself for that fact. But the change of scenery for one battle will be nice.


Talk about a sight for sorna eyes :eyes: :mountain:


welcome!! may your stygi dna be plentiful.

Thanks! I’m just hoping for Galli. I get quite a bit of Stygi in Sorna and my daily incubator.

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yeah youll get galli. sorry ive been stuck in jr for months getting stygi and just got into lockwood and am getting alanqa now.

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Congrats!! I’m 150 away from lockwood estate as well. It’s tough :sweat_smile:


@Piere87 @Pateradactyl @guarou
Lockwood :mask:
Alanqa :nauseated_face:
I hope the next tournament isn’t for a while… I don’t wanna go back :face_vomiting:

is it that bad? lol im just hoping to lvl up my alanky a bit

I’d personally never even consider using Alan or Alanky, not my style. I’ve heard people rave about them and hate on them so I don’t really know how I feel about them… I just still don’t have Tuoramoloch, and I harbor great contempt for that 50/50 split once you get to the Lock

Welcome. It’s gone be a tough ride. :grin:

I always thought alanqa is in the last arena. Never paid any attention.

Alankylosaurus is great if you open with a Raptor, Stegodeus cleanses you then you troll the motherlover into the Swap in invincibility.

Then it can whittle down Stegodeus, peak by peak. My level 19 Alan can scoop up and spit out level 24 Stegodeuses that way. Also it’s obviously good against Indominus Rex, Utahsinraptor, Pyrritator and Tragodistis.

I mainly use it to annoy Noobodeus spammers. If Noobodeus gets nerfed, I’ll probably replace it. The design is lovely though and I really dig Swap in Actions. It’s a fun dinosaur (well, Pterosaur) to play despite being a brick wall with wings. And that is coming from someone who hates playing tanks.