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Hello Lockwood!

I honestly thought I was going to be stuck bouncing between the Ruins and Sorna forever. Finally managed to slowly (and barely) climb out. May not last very long, but so nice to finally see a new background!


…and back to Ruins. It was fun while it lasted! :rofl:

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You are not alone… i Switch betwen this areas the last weeks…

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Welcome to hell. :grin:

Lockwood is just another world compared to Ruins.

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Yeah I totally agree. I once managed to climb up to 4490 to fall straight back to ruins. Now I‘m jumping between 4000 and 4300. :joy:

I really hope it‘ll become better once I unlocked Utarinex and Diloracheirus so that I‘d be able to finally lvl up my team. Been saving my coins for uniques the last few months and still not enough.

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Don’t hurry into Aviary it’s another dimension than Lockwood.

Take time to lvl your team. I somehow managed to stay in Aviary for a day now. Regularly meet dinos lvl 25+.
I’m really close to unlocking Diloracheirus (just lack some Ourano).


Thanks - Yeah, no rush to Aviary, my team is not nearly strong enough - need to work more on those Uniques. I figure it’s a steep curve of time and coins once you start getting to the higher levels. Given the time it took me to reach this I think it will be many month before I see Aviary.

Like many of the newer players I complained about not making forward progress. It really is a game of patience, slowly leveling your dinos (and hoping they don’t get nerfed along the way).

Got back to Lockwood last night and am pretty sure this is the way it will be going for some time, just like it did with Sorna and Ruins.

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I gave up. Dropped over 450 trophies in just a couple of days due to RNG. Had dropped all the way back down at lower Ruins and finally got fed up with it. Everyone has the same dinos now it seems, all RNG dependent.

Decided to just drop a couple of levels to where I can at least play some interesting dinos and have fun again. I will save the better ones for the strike events. Just no longer enjoying the PvP events. Absolute roll of a coin every time - will he evade, will I? Will my stun hit? Will I be able to CRIT? Do they perhaps have Draco (heck, everyone seems to).

Anyway, Ludia took the fun out of the mix, for me at least. So will just keep building the better dinos for strikes and live the rest of the time in the lower levels.

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Some of this must be the alliance competition, right? Seeing super high lvl dinos at the bottom of the marshes Lvl 20 dracos and Indoms, lvl 21 Suchos, Stegodeus and Allosino’s.

Even seeing lvl 20 and 21 T-Rex’s and lvl 19 Indom’s and velos in lockdown! Don’t remember that when I was coming up through there originally. Interesting…