HELLO LUDIA?! Is there even anyone here?


I’m getting sick of this company. We’ve come on this forum to have our voice heard and we get 0 back. Now, there’s been a lot of complaints about the 18/22 issue… people aren’t able to open the game for multiple days and we don’t even get 1 answer back saying that they’re aware of the problem or working on it… I’ve only seen one guy posting standard ‘check tot connection, updates, blah blah…’ Maybe communicate with your PAYING CUSTOMERS for a change!!


This is nice… my gf is currently enjoying JWA on our walk while I can complain on the forum like im talking to a deaf man…


The last update literally covered 80% of everyone’s moaning. They might even listen to a fault. That sucks that you are having issues, but they are insanely proactive.


Try being nice, they might take your issue into consideration.


If you look at the support help, or file a ticket, you will know why. Like most mobile game companies with a sudden, huge hit on their hands, they’re understaffed in the support department at the moment. And, with the mega update going live last week, I bet they got ten thousand support tickets. And, those, frankly, are more important than keeping tabs on a forum.


The issues i am facing nowadays

please fix these issues for God sake.


still blank map and cleared cache in bluestack nothing happened


I know the immense influx of new players causes some problems and delays for the company but all we need is one message saying they are aware of the issues and are fixing it…


I mean, we’re legt in the dark, not able to open the app for 4 days now… All we need is a message that we are heard