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Hello ludia please fix

Looking on my map today for the Lux apex raid boss. NONE in sight!!! Had to drive and park in a random godforsaken parking lot to be able to raid. Out of four of us NO apex raid boss. This needs to be fixed many of us are at work wanting to fit in a raid and we are unable to. If we ask for a raid pass the person getting the lobby makes us feel obligated to include them and we sometimes don’t have time for that. A women shouldn’t have to park in a deserted parking lot to complete a raid!!!

Oh and Ludia it’s not a suggestion!!!

I have a lot of boss at me.

Happy for you but doesn’t help me out at all does it

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Yea I noticed as well sometimes the apex spawn is quite scarce, like 1 spawn in 360degrees view, and it’s unreachable. It could be rng for all we know. But if there are some ways to improve the spawns, I’m sure it would be very much welcomed, esp considering the current covid situation.

Yeah same problem here, the spawn rates need to be increased, in a 1000m distance there’s approximately 2 of each, but because there not uniformly spread out large area’s are devoid of bosses, some of us are not able to travel to get them,so rely on alliance members for a transfer, but even they are having problems, if ludia want us to be able to play this game then please fix ASAP, & I live in a area which is best described as a suburban not rural, 30.000 people live in this area,