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Hello Stat Boosts... Good bye JWA

Hello everybody.

I know there should be a few dozen of threats like this, I just wanted to create my own and (maybe) died ignored.

I have been paying this game since it was released, week 1 baby!. The game was awesome, great graphics, great content.

The game grew, and what really captivated me was the enormous give aways or gifts Ludia offered just for playing, like assault battles, incubator for updating the game, and so on. The game was just the best! I stopped playing the classic POGO and focused my self on this… Had it open always. My wife made jokes on me because I was, literally, always looking for creatures… great times!

…Even with the extremely hated Dracoceratops, the game was ok to play… I got angry everytime a child used it on me, but, well, I had my moves as well (not included Dracoceratops of course!).

Then, the last update… OMG, they included the feature of Stat boosts… I am still wondering how the thinking process was to think that was a good idea… I gave the game a chance, I played for a bit, but then the game started to convert the fun in anger, the joy in frustration… so it became harmful… yeah, maybe a strong word but that is the best one to describe what I felt everything I faced clearly not balanced creatures.

Today, after months and months of enjoyment, I have decided to stop playing because of the STAT BOOSTS.

I can tell you I am sad, because I was part of a great alliance, I put a lot of time and effort here, and now… all became harmful :frowning:

I will keep the app in my phone for a time, hoping Ludia realizes this last update just destroyed (and it is destroying) their legacy.

Long live to Dinosaurs!


well said, and done.