Hello. Im texting you hoping to find some understanding. My whife has recived a permanent ban after recuveing the 24 hours one. She has been spoofing her location but she has only done it becouse she is unable to leave the house. We leave in a rural area and there is no chance she can compeet with others just by playing it as it is intended. She has spent money on the game and she loves it. She was destroied yeasterday when she saw. Pls reinstate her acount…block mine if you want but please let her continue playing. Her user is LopingBrainiac47. Please.


If you want to sacrifice your account, why dont give your account to your wife?


Becouse its linked to my phone and becouse she dosent want someone elses acount. She wants hers. I dont see why u would have to coment when it dosent concern u. Bored much?


Shouldn’t have cheated then? Sorry but you can’t beg for an account back if you admit and have been breaking the games terms/rules.


I live in a rural area & accept that I will do less well than a city player, that’s the way with most GPS games (e.g. ingress, Pokémon go) - it’s not fair, but that’s life. At least JWA have drops in a variety of places, not just “special” locations like the other 2 games mentioned, so they are far more rural player friendly.
Must be extremely serious illness if she cannot leave the house, I help look after disabled relative and go with her out and about (she has a wheelchair). If sufficient hand movements to operate this game on a phone then enough motor control for some of the (aimed at the quite severely disabled) joystick / electronic interface operated powered wheelchairs


All cheaters concern all legit players. Don’t post on an open forum if you don’t want others posting.


You may choose to contact Ludia’s support team by scrolling to the top of the forum, clicking the black “Support” tab, clicking the orange “Contact Us” tab, and filling out all pertinent information. While it usually takes 7-10+ days for Ludia to respond to requests, Ludia has taken a firm stance on these issues and has noted in the “Banning” thread that they will not provide customer support to those accounts affected by any ban(s). Hard to say, then, if you would receive a response or not.

That being said…the others who have posted here have a valid point. Spoofing GPS location for any reason goes against Ludia’s terms of service, regardless of a person’s reasoning for it. Alternative methods of playing (not spoofing/cheating, but bearing in mind physical disability) include requesting that Ludia place a Supply Drop within reach of your home to increase potential spawns (which probably wouldn’t be difficult for them to do), or having the disabled individual dart dinos while riding as a passenger in a vehicle.

Best of luck.


Thank you Katja. I will try.


Spoofing is the biggest problem in the game unfortunately. A large portion of spoofers got away with it and it’ll continue that way.

Loads live in rural areas, loads have responsibilities, many have health issues limiting how much exercise they can get. Nobody has the right to cheat to compete.