Help a newb!

Help me out here. Only been playing for 2 weeks. I’m quickly realizrealizing that gold is the most important resource and you have to pick and choose how you spend it carefully, because most dinos wont be used in a week.

Couple of questions…

  1. Is this an ideal battle team for what I have so far? Some guys ate propped up online as being great fighters, and I’m not sure if I’m using them wrong, but they don’t seem to be valuable in battle to me.

  2. Where should I be focusing my energy? Obviously trex and velociraptor so I can create Indominus Rex, and Indoraptor. But what else?

  3. Should I waste gold powering things up to level up for now, or focus on only useful down the road

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One thing would be is not all epics are created equally. Secondonto seems good at first but his health is low and isn’t used much at all. Dart everything and decide later what is usable. My Utah helped me climb but don’t level past 15 unless you want a lifetime partner. He is an ingredient for the hybrid and eventually you will use the dna for that. Use the dinos you like and if you are winning don’t change a thing. Stay away from the incubators in store unless you have a money tree. You can search other posts if you have questions about certain dinos (I’ve done that a lot). Hope this helps a little!

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Secondonto is one I was curious about. Everything I read that has a list, lists it as one of the better epics. But in battle I’m not seeing it. Thanks for your insight.

Yw and have you accessed a “dinodex”? Meta hub has one or you can download jwa dinodex in the play store. It won’t be accurate for awhile because 1.5 changes so I would wait. Good info for sure though!

Save your coins for the dinos you want on your team. You won’t level up as quickly, but in my opinion, I’d rather have higher level fighters than all the dinos I leveled just to get to a higher level.

My player level is high compared to dino levels. Thought it would be neat to have em all. One stepson thought he was helping when he leveled everything for me. That was around level 10, thankfully wasn’t later in the game, like now…

Decent team! Will definitely get you far… stegoceratops is easy to maintain dna (if your in L2), so focus on getting stego to a higher level… what else… Oh! No matter how much common dna of a creature that isn’t a use to you: Dont level it! Otherwise, good team! Hope it gets you far in the game :grinning:

You heard me mention “L2”… if you go onto a site called metahub, and go to a topic called: Jurassic World Alive Spawn Mechanics, you will find alot of info needed! If your here on the forums and you hear ppl say," Oh I’m at L1" or " I’m at L4!" Thats what they mean! Didnt know if u knew :grin:

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I have the dinodex too! It’s not that good… doesnt let me scroll down… but useful info instead of googling!

Here is a great article meta hub did for the 1.5 update. Also, JWA put out a great informational post here on the forums if you like to read.

Ok, here you go. If you are going to not put any money into the game, simply focus on your team will be the fastest and most efficient way to play. If you decide to spend a little I recommend buying the one time offers at each level. With what Ludia has in the stores they are great deals, because they give you dna, cash, and coins. So as deals go, they are worth it if you can afford it.

I also recommend that you level up as fast as possible simply because with each level you get more dna per attempt. At level 20 I average 350 dna on almost every common and 150-225 dna on most epics. So my time is used more efficiently. I understand the opinions of players that disagree with the importance of player level, but for me it was very important.

As for specific dinos for leveling… at first level the dinos that create other hybrids only to point that they start to make the hybrid. Then, start to make the hybrids. As far as dinos go, diversify your team, max out the best you can the ones you have the most access to, and learn the zones so when you are hunting for specific dna you maximize your efforts by not hunting in the wrong areas of the map. Meta hub also has a great article on zones as well. I hope this helps a little. Hope to see you in arenas soon.



Thank you all so much for the advice. Sounds like I should just catch DNA and keep working towards 4500 money so I can grab 250k gold coins for now until we know how 1.5 is going to affect the top dinos. I would hate to spend a lot of resources on something to find out it’s not a top 15 dino anymore.

Yes, you can get a real good sense on how the dinos are going to play out from the articles. But, we won’t know for sure until you see them in action in the arenas. Personally I like to use the dinos that not many people are using just to have something different. If I interpreted everything i’ve read so so far, it sounds like we are going to have a lot more choices than before.
To give you an example, I just used my level 27 monolometrodon to take a level 27 Stegodeus down to 85 health. That all happened under the current meta, in which Stegodeus is basically King of all creatures.
So, even though some dinos are far superior to others statistically, it doesn’t guarantee that those are the only ones you have to use. I find it fun to find, build, and use the dinos less travelled so to speak. Although, there are cases where it would be silly to ignore building some dinos simply because you have access to their dna more easily and at higher levels they are far to good to not have in your arsenal. Indoraptor is a good example of this. Her ingredients, T-Rex is by far the easiest epic to find and raptors are easy targets to collect high amounts of dna.


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Just be careful with your coins which are limited resources. Don’t level up unnecessarily.
This game is the only place where once a God can never be a God always. Gods can become a Pauper.

Presenting to you StegoPauper and TraPauper…:rofl:

My monolemetrdon is almost a 26 and i’m with you on giving dinos that are less desirable by the majority a chance.

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I say this with all sincerity, brother… turn now, run and don’t look back!! I’m no hero, just doing what I wish someone had done for me if the roles were reversed.

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Um, 2 weeks and you have the same level as me, but higher level dinos. I’ve been playing for months.

Seriously. I would really love to know. If the center of a city makes that much of a difference, I will start driving in for my daily now 1.5 hour walks.

But wait. I already drive in a few times a week. And battle. And recently began paying for vip,…

Your team has a lot of raw power, but little chance of using it. You could benefit from the speed of velociraptor and/or tany (both at level 15). Nodo is not the best against raptors despite its armour. Stegosaurus would be a better option. Or even your level 14 tuoji. It lacks the armour but it could be fun to use with it’s swap in slow+distraction.
You could also use a bleeder such as suchotator long term. Definitely remove oura and secondo. Probably nodo too.
You have good dinos for your level, just need to build a better balanced team.

I think he should keep his team! He shouldn’t remove oura or secondo, and nodo has decelerating impact!