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Help about to install jwa within playstore


I will change my phone, I will have a huawei but it does not have google services. Is it possible to download jwa from the huawei appgallery store? Or how can I install the game in my huawei?


Hey Cesar_Iv. Thank you for your interest in our game! Currently, Jurassic World Alive is only available on the Apple or Google Play store.

Some Huawei phones do have playstore as I played jwa on my old Huawei unless you have already chosen Huawei does have a sub brand called honor which is what I’m currently using whereas Huawei phones are more for general use their sub brand ,honor, is more for gaming then general use currently I’m using an honor X10 so you might want to have a look as it does have playstore and should be as good as Huawei considering they’re basically run by the Same people I think