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Help! AI Data Collection/Prediction For Epic 30s on Sunday (Indo/Stygi/Blue)


Thank you all for helping with the data collection. The Sunday Poll and info can be found here:

Please help provide your observations to see what variations there are for the AI set up for order of dinos that came out based on the kingdom epic tower for today/tomorrow and their AI movesets.

Order (based on rarity? speed? random?) please post when did stygi/blue/indo come out in the steps of the tower. Step 5 order is most valuable data!

  • eg. Stygi/Brachio (@utd007), Brachio/Stygi (@Imre) so it’s 50/50 for 2 epic dino setups
  • Step 4 (Trex/Brachio/Blue or Trex/Blue/Brachio)
  • Step 5 (Indo/Blue/Brachio or Indo/Brachio/Blue) - Indo most likely comes out first unless we get more data that there is randomness to this order when there’s uniques/epics

Moves of AI


  • Indo variation 1: cleansing impact, strike, ???rampage or evasive (please let us know below)
  • Indo variation 2: cleansing impact, rampage, strike


  • Stygi variaton 1: shield, instant charge, hit and run
  • Stygi variation 2: shield, hit and run (thanks @utd007)


  • Blue variation 1: shield, pounce, strike, shield, pounce, strike, shield
  • Blue variation 2: pounce, shield, pounce, strike, shield, pounce, strike, pounce, shield, pounce, strike

Please post any variations you have seen that is different from the above to help with low level strategy folks!

P.S. Let’s have a poll so everyone can visually report which order they got and see if there is a higher probability of getting one over the other based on the majority of the encounters that gets reported here:
**If your moveset is not listed below, please reply with a post!

Which order did you get first on Step 5 of Kingdom Epic Tower:

  • Indo - Blue - Brachio
  • Indo - Brachio - Blue

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Which moveset variation did you get for Indoraptor?

  • Variation 1: Cleansing Impact - Strike
  • Variation 2: Cleansing Impact - Rampage

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Which moveset variation did you get for Stygimoloch?

  • Variation 1: Shield, Instant Charge, Hit and Run
  • Variation 2: Shield, Hit and Run

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Which moveset variation did you get for Blue?

  • Variation 1: Shield, Pounce, Strike, Shield
  • Variation 2: Pounce, Shield, Pounce, Strike

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Low Level Guide for 5 Step Epic Kingdom Strike

Is this for the 5 strike event or sundays?

I will edit this with my variation.


Hi @CaptainNewbs, yes we are going to use this 5 strike tower as our study to look into what can happen on Sunday since all three of those dinos are in it, especially 2 of them in the last step!


Stygi used shield then impact and run

Blue first time started with pounce, shield, pounce.
2nd time Blue went shield, pounce strike

Indo started with cleansing and then defense shattering rampage

Stygi came before Brachio

Blue was in the middle for step 4

Final step was Indo, Brachio, Blue

Hope this helps a bit!


Every bit of data is always valuable @utd007 ! It appears at this point we have 2 possible variations for AI movesets for each dino, possibly every dino. So like everyone else says it matters what comes out first. So please everyone report back what is the order of step 5 to see what is the probability that indo will indeed be the 1st to come out this epic Sunday tower!


For me sequence was lil different. Step 4 Rex>> brac>> blue and during step 5 it was same as others Indo>> blue>. Brac


Thanks @Pirate you got the same pattern from the 2 above! I’m curious to know now since it appears so far there is just 2 orders of dinos now if the level of the user applies. So please let us know what is your current level and which order did you get from the above.

Scratch that no need for your user level, @Hersh got a completely different order and he too is level 20 so it is random then which order set you get I presume. So with that now, let’s see if there are any other orders that is possible.


Well I’m lvl 13 player and I already mentioned the order above for step 4 and 5 which I’ve faced during the challenge.


Thanks @Pirate


Step 5 (I opened with suchotator):

Indo first, cleanse, rampage (dead)
Blue second, shield, pounce, strike (dead)
Brachio last, rampage, SS, rampage (dead)

When I faced Stygi, it used shield, instant, hit and run.

Edit: I meant to reply to OP, don’t know why replied to first comment instead…


@giardinoni, no problem, thank you for confirming indo’s variation 2 moveset, blue’s variation 1 moveset, stygi’s variation 1 moveset, and indo -> blue order.

I’ll start a poll so every can start seeing visually which moveset and order was more common. Please see original post in a few.


Stygi and Blue never started. Both used shield first.
Last step was Indo, Blue, Brachio.


Thanks @Imre, could you please put it in the poll so we can start tallying which variation moveset is more common. Looks like you got variation 1 for both! Thank you again!

It looks like Indo-Blue-Brachio is the more common step 5 order so far. This gives high hopes that Sunday will be no different with Indo the more likely starter.


i only recorded step 5. would you like the video i can upload it quickly?


@Pateradactyl, sure, why not? It’s nice to see moveset is confined to just 2 variations though. I thought there was more but it appears not. Let’s keep the poll above going guys!


i kept trying to setup my deus shield for blue but i couldnt time it correctly. still won though without a death.


one things for sure. stygi will use IC.

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Lol @Pateradactyl you nuked them with your stego! I was dragging out each of these battles as much as possible to see what is the cycle of moves for the 3 guys without risking losing of course. If indo crits this weekend, it’ll be 3830 if no armor, 30% = 2681. Blue crits will be 4194 no armor, 30% = 3936. I know I get all the crits for these towers 5% or not lol.


For funsies, I prolonged the previous Styg tower in December by pinning it down, and that little helmet head used IC every chance it could

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Yes I totally agree, my moveset was variation 1, since it was the last dino, I had a little fun, did that cycle 3 times!