Help at Dutch language

Dear readers,

I have send a couple of emails and got respond, I hot directed to here so I got some questions. And though that you mabey help/help you.
My language what for my normal is, isn’t normal for you( I mean u use translate) I would love to translate it correct because Translate don’t always use the right/correct words.

So to be clear,

Can I help you translate messages in Dutch language to englisch? With the right words and the words some people and kids understand them?
I would love to do this for free, so you game language can be better.

Melly Xoxo


Hey Melly_Xoxo, Dutch isn’t available at the moment. However, we really appreciate your offer! :slight_smile:

That why I ask because I have friends… who don’t know englisch and they only speak dutch but play your games. And their are lots of people like that here in the Netherlands

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I’ll be happy to bring this up to our team again for you. Thanks again for your feedback!

Come on… what you’re talking about saying “there are lot of people in NL that dont speak English???” Everybody in Holland speaks English.

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The topic is about adding Dutch to the game. No derailing please.

Yep, most of us do. Most trouble I have is with auto correction. But I guess every one has that problem with a foreign language.

But speaking a language and reading/ writing in it is a different thing

Melly, your level of English is not really very high, so if they would need a translator it should be someone who makes a little less mistakes to be honest :slight_smile: (I counted at least 14 mistakes in your first post alone)

But really, almost everyone in The Netherlands speaks English, even kids. The ones who don’t really need to get back to school. Don’t encourage them to not bother with learning English because it’s really a very useful skill to have. Especially kids need to be introduced to English as much as possible, since it’s the best age to learn a new language. As a society we embraced the English language as a high priority second language, you learn it at school starting age 6 or so, and you can see where it got us on a global scale.

Vertalen is altijd lastig en open voor interpretatie. Jij kunt je leden helpen, ik zie geen reden waarom het forum of het spel daar een rol in moet spelen. Bovendien krijgen we hier allemaal vanaf de basisschool al Engels. Goede oefening dus :wink:

Translating is always tough and open for interpretation. You could help your alliance members out on this one. I don’t see any reason why either the forum or the game should play a part in this. Besides, we’re all taught English starting as early as primary school. So it’s good practice;-)