Help breaking 5k


Just curious if anyone has an idea/reason how I can break into the next arena? Think I just need to level what I’ve got more but up for suggestions. (I will not use stegocerstops though) :unamused:


Add a few level 30’s.


Sound advice il get on that now :joy::roll_eyes:


But its true Lol so many players have level 28+ dinos


Well if they were 30 I’d be hoping to get to 6k. Don’t think I’ve faced more than a handful of level 30’s in arena 8.


I don’t think your team is strong enough yet. This is mine and I’m stalling at 4,700.

By the way, if you aren’t using Suchominus you are missing out on some fun. I just used its Swap-in Wound to defeat Utahrhinex and a level 25 Majundasuchas in the same battle.


Yeah think I agree. Was just curious. hahaha I did wonder why it was there :joy: back to the grind then. Not far off tuaramoloch so hopefully she will give me a boost.


What you really need is just more time for lower folks to rank up so you can take their trophies. It will happen in time. My junky team has me high enough for now:

Roght now there are only what, 150ish ppl at 5k+? Give it time.


@Alex_Dhir. focus upgrade your stegody to level 28.
other dino level up cant wait first if time consume you.
then change that monomimi with your pyritator. …monomimi good but u realy really depends on luck then with its evasive. that ability is huge gamble to risk.


Hahahaha. He’s everywhere where I live :joy: same with dimetrodon.


HAHA, my post got deleted by the mods because I used foul language. (Yes, the clinical term for your ‘love-spuds’ is offensive to Ludia)


Easy, level up your Stegodeus as much as u can.


I was really hoping stegod would get a big nerf so was a little hesitant to level him up that much. But your definitely right.

Anyone got nodotitan up to a decent level?


Get indo in your team and I think you’ll be in a similar position to me!