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Help! Can't Login

Hi all.
As the title suggests, I haven’t been able to log in for the past 4 days. I did a complete factory reset on my phone as well, but it still just shows me the image below. I even tried a new account so I could log in as a guest but it doesn’t allow me to select any modes of login: guest, Facebook or Google play.

Running Android 8 on Huawei P10 with up to date Google play services and game.

Hey TheWitcher26, if you haven’t already, could you contact our support team here at so they can take a look to see what the issue might be?

Hi @Ned. I have already contacted them 3 days ago. I was told to uninstall the game and log off of my Google account and then reinstall the game. However, this has not solved the issue.

I’m sorry to hear that. Could I ask you to continue your messages with our team? They’ll be sure to try and assist you further with this.