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Help (Daily Missions)

Yup. Yesterday I was on the second to last day for the daily rewards and this morning I was on day one.


Hey there, koola888. May I ask if you are referring to the 28 days of Daily Gifts?

Yeah because it’s a monthly thing

I had the same thing happen completely skipped the last day

My main account had the same thing happen to me, but a few other people are saying they are still going on theirs. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

It’s because of the daily missions, which debuted later on in the week than monday

It happened to me and my friend too. Which is very mass up. Are they going to do something about it???

It’s the time zones

Not really, after I claim the one before the last, it said 1 days and 14 hours left. So I go back after 14 hours, it refresh.

Wait. I though you were talking about something else lol. The daily gifts ended on a Wednesday at roughy 2:00 Est (probably earlier)

Anyway, I didn’t get my last gift, that’s make me mad.