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Help! Dropped 300 in 2 days


Okay, I know some of it was just bad luck and RNG, but it wasn’t fun. Any suggestions to improve my team? Obviously waiting on coins to upgrade Utahsino and start working on utarinex.

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You have a lot to play with. Do something fun. I see you have 6 immune dinos. Add Suchotator and Spino to the 6 immune ones. Don’t worry about dropping trophy’s. You can go back up any time but easier if you drop some more. This is one idea.

You can also put together a fast team of your highest, fastest dinos and see how that goes a few rounds. Sometimes this will exaggerate the strengths and weaknesses of the types.

I’ve done a whole team of 8 long neck types. Was very slow play with all the hit points but I did win one and jumped to the fast raptor types that made play go real fast. They hit hard but died fast.

After messing around for a while and loosing a bit, I then went back on a win streak with my regular team. The daily incubator thing they added made it less painful in messing around because you can generally take out a dino or two. Of course I had those battles I got none.

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Four out of eight dinos on your lineup are heavily RNG dependent and, although Thor has a 40% crit probability, you’re still not guaranteed a crit… As a result, expect your trophy count to swing heavily up or down, depending on whether the RNG gods are on your side or not… Hence, having lost 300 trophies in 2 days doesn’t surprise me… I expect that you’ll regain your 300 trophies, and then some, when the tide changes!


I wish I could help. I lose 300 in a single day. I took Indominus Rex off of my team and I have been doing better.

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I would swap Indominus for Ankylocodon or Monostego. Indominus is big liability, cause cloak on first turn (90 people do that), mean that opponent will swap to Monostego, Stegodeus or Tragodistis.

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I hate to say it, but you could put super rat aka dracocera on your team. Monostego or tragod are also options…but not more the 2 tanks total. Like @Anthony_Papadopoulos said, your team is very dependent on RNG. Indom or procera would be the first to go. You can always add them back later!

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Only 300? That’s like almost a weekly thing for me :joy:

I start getting upset when it comes to 400… 500…


You could benefit from another tank, might consider Tragodistis for Proceratomimus (too fragile at this level).

P.S. I just recently benched Indominus (when I created Erlidominus), she was with me > 5,000 trophies.

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