Help for a best team

a bit of trouble with my current team
I can also create the choice utahsino or allosino


what team would you do with my possibilities? to be the most versatile

I drag in the 3300 points in Arena and I think I can do better with a better selection?

But what is the best choice


I think utasinoraptor could help your team a lot. You need a raptor in your team, otherwise it looks good

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im not sold on monostego. i beat him to easy and currently i use no nullyfying dinos… havent had a need for them with this meta. havent used tyranno yet so not sure how it handles. utahsin would help you out greatly. after you add her id work on leveling your team up evenly

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Allosino added nothing to my team. Hoping Thora will be better.

depends on what you are working with. you cant put the whole team on thors shoulders. whats your team like?

Bench rajankylo for utasino. Raja is not great currently and you dont need another tank.

Havent used tyranno either so not sure how he handles with your team and if he needs to be replaced or not. Maybe pyrritator but not sure.

Otherwise your team is fine just needs more leveling. I ran a similar setup and still do and it has worked well for me.


Thanks to you for the little tips.
I did utahsino, already managed to ride it level 17.
I still hesitate between keeping rajah or changing with pyrritator … Rajah helps me a lot (against tanks, raptors, etc.) …

Not yet convinced by tyrrano … he is a good slugger breeze defense but he does not win his duels often

In short can be changed tyrrano against pyrritator … but already it is a little better

Oh I actually like my Tyrannolopho. Nice Indom counter. And one chompy boi.