Help for Newbie

Hi I am new here, anyone can kindly direct me to some kind of guide or which dino to focus on?

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If you’re new, just dart everything that you can. It doesn’t really matter yet.
Try them out, get a feel of what they can do, and you’ll see what the best choice is going to be.
There is really no need to tell you how to play the game.


What @Tielenaar says. To start with dart everything you find. Hit every supply drop and get out hunting. You’ll soon learn what works for you and over time things your choice of dinosaurs will change anyway.

After a while look to join an Alliance and they’ll be able to help pick up the DNA you need.

Welcome to Jurassic World Alive. :t_rex::sauropod:


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For special events dino, like this week featuring T-Rex, sino and ankylosaurus, try and reach within the small circle b4 u play the darting, to maximise the dna collection. When starting out I made the mistake of darting when the timer was not at full bar.


Aside from what everyone said, one mistake i would avoid is to overlevel a dino you won’t use in the future. For exemple, a common dino can have a rare hybrid at level 5, an epic hybrid at level 10, a legendary one at level 15 and an unique one at level 20. If you don’t want to end up wasting your coins on something you won’t use it’s good to check what hybrids that dinos get and when you should stop leveling up. Of course, If you really like one dino and want to keep It in your team, that’s all good, keep leveling It. Just thought It was good to know in case you want to save your coin, and trust me, you’ll run out of It quickly when you get to a higher level. I once leveled my hatz till level 15 for no reason, luckily It got a hybrid later haha.

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Hi, we’ve got some great beginners guide resources over at GamePress. They will help you get started :slight_smile:

Big welcome to the game!