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Help for noob

hello all,

I started this game at its beginning but began to play again since the beginning of Covid crisis,

I think I’ve spent too much coins trying to evolve all my dinos to get legendaries.
I’m always out of coins now, and I’d like to get the best team for PvP, I’m stuck aroung level 1500 arena.

What legendaries or evolutions should I focus on ?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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This is my advice from someone who started playing from day 1, but then left it for about 2 years and came back. The developers of the game are constantly updating and creating new dinos and so I wouldn’t stress to much with trying to create the ultimate team, because I will break your heart right now and you won’t be getting anywhere near the top 500 anytime soon.

Having said that, the link below might be of some help! I know it is not the latest, but the way it is organised, is quite helpful. Lastly, you can create different teams but of course the stronger ones are going to be legendary and unique.

The way I started was:

  • Suchatator (Should be easy, suchimimus and iraator gen 2) - All found easily.
  • Velociraptor - Common - Spawns all night long (Level it up till you can make indom)
  • Stegosaurus + Triceratops = Stegoceratops
  • Demitrodon
  • Nodopatasauras
  • T - rex

I hope this helps!

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Hi noob. You aren’t doing too bad there. I think you should get rid of nodopatotitan and bring in indominus rex gen 2.
Don’t level up all your dinos just cause you can. You will run out of coins fast and not even use any of those other i dinos. atleast for a little while try to just level up your team. DNA request the same thing over and over so you may push higher level ups on your team dinos.

KillerRaptors discord server

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you got a good start. Like KillerRaptors said, Indominous Rex G2 will be a great addition to your team and it also leads into making a powerful legendary super hybrid, Indoraptor G2.

The tier lists at Gamepress can help you get an overall feel for how each creature preforms against the rest on equal levels.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a top 500 team right now. For now, have fun, level up/ create what you want for your main team, and find creatures you like playing. not all end game teams are full of hybrids.

zBatman has a team of 4 “basic” creatures. Velociraptor, Dimorphodon, Rex, and Irritator G2.


Thanks for your advices !
Is it interesting putting another dino than Procerathominus in my team ?
Amargocephalus or Darwinopterus lvl 15
Edmontoguanodon 14 or any other of my levels 13 ?

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Don’t call yourself a noob! Newbie is a better term

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Lol english is not my mother tongue
Just checked on google difference between n00b and newbie :sweat_smile:

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