Help for Teams

What should I pit in my team? Please do not put any Legendaries or Uniques, I am not at that level yet.
Here’s my current team

Do you feel you need to change your team currently? Are you losing a lot? If so, is there a specific type of creature you are losing to?

I would swap out anky for alanqa

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I’m losing to basically everyone in my Arena. I am constantly winning in the high 900s and losing before reaching 1000 Trophies.

You just may have hit a lvl wall. Just hunt dinos and lvl up your team and that should help

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As @Da_true_Carnokiller said, you may just have hit a lvl wall. I remember when I was low level in the lower arenas and I would constantly almost get to the next arena and then get knocked right back down, and I found changing my team didn’t necessarily help.

But over time when I darted more and levelled up my team or unlocked new dinos I started to progress further. If you are losing a lot in general I would just try and hold out for some lvl ups of your team because losing in general makes it much more difficult to know what to swap if at all.

It’s a common thing for the lower arenas to hit a brick wall.

You can start creating the epic hybrids like procerathomimus, purrutaurus and edmontoguanonton. They are easy to make and very strong too. If you can’t create them you can definitely make and lvl up suchotator and ankylocodon. These rare hybrids are great and not only for your lvl.