Help getting goat

How do you get the goat also best dino to beat indaraptor

Indoraptor is so easy to beat…can be beaten by all top tier uniques and even some legendaries… Even Indominus can beat it…
And the “Goat” is the April fools boss, So it’s not Unlockable…


Thanks for help


I managed to beat an Indoraptor at one point with a lvl 16 Alloraptor unboosted… so pretty easy to beat, and if you are talking about the goat badge, you have to aim for a tie in one of your battles, but the boss I’m not sure…

You just need to decelerate Indoraptor or at least be faster and it’s a quick death. Really, Indo is not much of a threat in any cases.
About the goat; you can’t, it’s an April’s Fools Special Boss. It cannot be unlocked.

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Yep. Any epic can beat him :joy:

I beat a lvl 22 indoraptor and killed it by using a lvl 12 thylacotator lol

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Indo is horrible, but it is fun using it for the easy incubators. “Uh-oh level 6 creatures?” :rofl: