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Help getting para lux

So basicly i went out for quite a few night walks and no para lux, ok i didn’t walk that much and the chance is fairly low i’ll get it some other day.

Then my mother offerd me to drive around to try and get it(i will never forgive my self for the ammount of usefull commons i didn’t dart), and we went around for about 50km and nothing, not a single para lux.

Yes we did go around at night so it’s defenetly not the wrong time or something.

So, am i realy this unlucky or am i doing something wrong i’m paying attention to whats spawning on me, it was night time saw a ton of doggos, a bunch of gorgons and 1 megisto but no para lux.

It might be a glitch and i may have to uninstall and reinstall the game like last update, but everything else is spawning.

Then i thought it might be the limit thing, and that maybe cause i dart all the doggos when walking they reach the limit of short ranges for me and thats why there is no para lux but then i red gamepress article so it can’t be that.

This i think is also a general problem with lux because it’s quite unavalible to the younger player base (including my self here obviosly), since not many parents let their kid go around at night during winter, during a pandemic.

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Can’t help with this…it depence on luck also…I got 1 at around 10:30 at night oce


gorgons, megisto and doggos are all day creatures so maybe your phone is in the wrong timezone.

I’m pretty sure they are anytime, i get them both at night and day


yeah, I have no luck when it comes to para lux. I have traveled at night 10 times hoping to get it and would ya believe, nothin

Same here, my dad was driving me home one evening, it was a half-an-hour drive from town to town, nothing…

Also, I got a freaking proximity spawn at home, so one would think I should get lucky eventually, still nothing…

Happy :cake: day.

Thanks, I was wondering what that cake was doing there, since it’s not my birthday, but I found out it’s been 2 years since I joined the forum, didn’t know you get a cake :smile:

26 days later no paralux so far… night, day… evening… not a single one.

Thank again ludia for these weird nest spread.

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I have never seen it either, let alone try to dart one. I guess I’ll get to unlock it by 2023.

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At least it’s an any time now, i got 4 by now u have to realy lucky tho

I’ve not seen a single one either. :confused:

In all this time I have found one and that is it. If I’m honest, it is getting more than a little frustrating. I just hope, as I have said on these forums a few times now, that we get her as a dinosaur of the day spawn at event drops sooner rather than later.


I have dna to get mine up to 19 and if it’s any consolation, it isn’t good enough to worry about lol.
I encountered it the first 3 nights in a row that it came out, all of those times were on a main, busy street here.
Since they switched it from night only to any time, I’ve encountered it a couple times, once at my house without leaving.
I’m not sure if it’s been suggested to you yet, but keep your game open longer, since it spawns in your inner circle only. That’s what I did each time and although it took a couple hours sometimes, I finally got it.
Good luck :blush:

Same for me, only found one, didn’t get enough DNA to unlock it, haven’t seen one since. :pensive:

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I’m frustrated with this search as well. I have only found 2. The first one was at night and I got 103. About 9 days later, I found my second one during the day and landed up about 20 short of creating it (stupid leg target). Every day since the search has come up empty.

What I have been reading about other players finding Para Lux, it doesn’t seem like the distribution of spawns have been very fair. I feel bad for players that have yet to find their first one. It almost reminds me of some of the hybrid pursuits where the ingredient is an epic. There were a few weeks where I found none for the entire week. I still have yet to find my first wild Troodon! :flushed:

Para Lux needs an event!


For troodon have u tryed going to local 4?

I have. Just about everyday I go through all the different zones. The last zone rotation has put my home zone in zone 4. So maybe one of these days? Acrocanthosaurus was like that too, until zone 3 became my home zone and I finally found a wild one.

Last year when I was a passenger in a car, I was hoping to find a wild Troodon on the brief road trip we were taking and I found nothing. :pensive:

I actually don’t believe it’s more common at night than it is during the day, I booted up the game while drinking morning coffee and one spawned and my cousin got one during a giga scent while sitting at home so their is no set mechanic for its spawn I believe. It’s just very rare dino that will spawn at random

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Update: Guess who decided to show their bioluminescent self tonight? :crazy_face:

13 days later (after finding my second one) I finally found my third one to create it. I still stand by my last comment about this. Para Lux needs an event. :neutral_face:

With that said, today was a pretty nice day. :slightly_smiling_face: