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Help! Gorgotrebax or Smilonemys

I’m wondering which would be better, and how would it be best to boost both?

I’m in Library and I see plenty of Smilonemys in the top teams. It seems underpowered to me, and can’t break shields so why is it so popular?

Gorgotrebax will break shields with its nullifying rampage and can dodge with its cautious impact. It seems better to me but maybe I’m wrong?


Gorgo is good at revenge killing, revenge null rampage is powerful as it removes shield/dodge or anything that stops your attack, armor is the only thing that it fears. While cautious impact helps you speed up for next turn and gives you dodge. It is perfect against slower fierce, while against faster fierce, the dodge protects you from swap kill. It has enough bulk to prevent from getting one shotted, and it can turn enemy’s setup into your favour. Resistances are not bad too. It is also pretty good at raids.
Smilo has 50% armor, a shielding move, dodge move and a distract move. Many ways to reduce damage. It also has the best move in the current meta, RnR. It has great synergy. Swap in stun might work sometimes but the best way is to use it to run into something else, like a swapper. What it counters depends on the build. Fast smilo beats mortem and many slower things, while slow smilo beats lux and magnus mainly.
Both are top team choices, but both are not the easiest to level, play whatever you feel like, or try both! Its boost reset which means a great opportunity to play both


I run both after the reset. Fairly new to both of them but I’ll try to explain why I run them.

Smilonemys is good against the Apexes. It walls Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus with its 50% Armor, Shields and Distraction, while Mortem gets Distracted and you can Dodge its attacks with Deliberate Prowl, while dishing out good damage with Precise Pounce and Rampage and Run. It has great mobility with the latter move and Swap-In Stun (which I would like to see buffed to 100%, but that’s a different topic). The only thing letting it down is the Health, I’d like it to have a bit more Health. But other than that, it does its job terribly well. The fact that it has all forms of damage mitigation really makes it versatile against a lot of opponents.
Mine is boosted at 151 speed to make sure I outspeed some speedless Hadros Lux if they do not double Resilient me, with the rest divided in Attack and Health.

Trebax is a good revengekiller like you mentioned with its Revenge Nullifying Rampage, and Cautious Impact is arguably the best Distraction move out there aside from maybe Super Distraction and Revenge Distracting Impact. With this move, Trebax suddenly survives a lot of hits thanks to Dodge and Distraction, allowing it to take on powerful creatures like Mortem Rex, Magnapyritor, Acrocanthops, etc. It has great stats too, and the 113 speed can be augmented by Speed Boosts. Remember that both Cautious Impact and its basic attack give it a Speedup effect, allowing it to become faster on its own. The one downside to Trebax is that it just horribly loses to the two Resilient Apexes. Hadros Lux in particular just shuts it down completely, even when swapping into one of its attacks. That is my main gripe with Trebax when playing it, as it just horribly loses to those Resilient creatures.
Trebax needs some speed. Mine sits at 137 speed, allowing it to hit that great 150 speed mark after a speedup move. I’ve debated on either dumping everything else in attack for maximum power or taking some Health boosts as well to make it more bulky. Decided on the Health part, and mine will likely become 6/12/12, but I might play around with more Attack and less Health.

Ultimately, I’ll be running both though, as they play different roles to each other. Smilonemys is a great Mortem Rex counter and Hadros/Magnus check while also being able to give your team momentum with swappers like Magnus, Dracoceratops and Monolorhino. Trebax is a great revengekiller and when saved at the end of a game can be extremely lethal. Hopefully this has helped you a bit!


These are my ideal builds for both of them. After using both id reccomend gorgo. Hes great at revenge killing and immune to stuns so he’s a great thor counter. Can’t be bled or distracted and has a 20% crit chamce.chance with 75% rend resistance you’ll never die to dracoceratops unless your super health. Plus he has indo gen 2 signature move but stronger and quetzerion signature move. As for smilo he has 50%armor a good move set, and is great in 1the swap in meta. However he can be slowed slightly distracted and if you meet a dio grypo or tryko its dead. Its a resilient thats hurt by resilients

My bex sits at this right now. So far able to hold her own and take out some magnus when they swap in on her.

Hesitating between both builds for gorgotrebax.




build 1, dont waste that many speed boosts on it

Are you generally using her as revenge or as a regular fighter?

mostly as a revenge killer. but she holds her own as a field fighter just fine. even trykos have trouble with her

I’ve been considering possibly replacing Quetzorion from my team but not sure who with. Gorgotrebax is the main contender that i’ve been thinking about.

My Quetzorion is lvl 30 with the following boosts/stats:

HP - 5712 (7)
DMG - 1930 (6)
SP - 142 (6)

My Gorgotrebax is lvl 27 and I have no extra boosts left. So if I swapped all the boosts from Quetz to Gorgo it would have this:

HP - 5551
DMG - 1931
SP - 125

That would of course be at lvl 27, so 30 would have considerably more. But I can’t spare any more speed boosts until I get some more.

I’m struggling to determine which one is better in more situations, as both struggle against resilient, but Orion does have the benefit of invincible shield. So yeah i’m finding it a difficult choice.

gorgo till the end

What kind of trykos do you see? Most of the one I face are doing 4k damage on resilient impact without taking into account the counter. I don’t see how gorgotrebax holds its own. It’s swap in bait after turn 1.

not seeing big beefy trykos in the low 5K and aviary. Resilient Impact hits like a truck a lot of the time, but they fail to swap in on it and try for rampage a lot of the time. which IGD allows trebax to take priority again and finish with a rampage.

I see probably fast trykos then.

still better to go slow and bulky for tryko, you get high health and damage. you’re usually slower anyway and you can slow opponent down with resilient